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The Rachel Party Van Has Arrived!

Discussing The Rachel Maddow Show
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The Rachel Maddow Show
Hi! This community is primarily for the discussion of The Rachel Maddow show, and other related Rachel things.

Main discussion threads posted Monday through Friday, but anyone is welcome to post at anytime.

Just, you know, be polite about it. We're all here to have fun.


Also fun places to visit:

olberfanns, for all your Keith Olbermann fanish needs

maddow_kicks, (even if they didn't like our discussion threads) for all your (other) Rachel needs.

msnbc_love, for all your non-Keith&Rachel MSNBC needs and squees.

silverfox_360, cause Anderson needs loving too.

rahmbamarama, for love of, well, everything else political (especially Rahm Emanuel, but Jon & Stephen get their own tag).

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